Why the name?

Well it’s a long story, and an even longer journey, that led to the name WebIbiza, and to the isle herself. So here follows our tale how we came to be.

We’ve been crafting websites since, ahhh, 1996. Our first website customer continues with us today, having stayed loyal throughout the ages (of web), showing great patience as styles and technologies – and our locations – changed. We were initially named Webroot, as Ibiza was something still far from our reach, although we loved a jive to them balearic grooves even back then!

Beginning the adventure in what was then called cyberspace, our first base was in Madrid, España, in the mid-90’s when accessing the internet was limited to universities and big bizzo offices. Spain’s very first internet café, La Ciberteca, popped up in Madrid around 1995 and Webibiza’s founder was soon a regular, learning the ins-and-outs of cyberspace and what could be done on a PC i486 with 4Mb of RAM. Many cañas and cyber-sessions later the folks at La Ciber were getting assistance with the red-eye work of pixel-level graphic design and hand-coded html. These pesky tags started appearing in one’s dream state as time ticked on and the web evolved in colour, graphics starting to animate and java was born. Could life get any better?

Well yes it should, it could, it did. And then it all went TA: tetas arriba as they may say in Madrid. The should & could led to a head-hunted move to London, Great Britain cerca ’98, running a multimedia outfit. The internet was no longer the geek-only realm, and the good-life-boom-town was buzzing with bizzo, startups and billionaires. Terrific times, great learning experiences and making wonderful contacts and friends were the prizes for the hard grind. Sadly this all fell from its lofty plinth when the dotcom bubble burst towards 2002. Dear UK, It was time for a sharp-harp-scarper; and never one for holding grudges, Spain welcomed us back with a warm embrace and a sharkey-grin with the salty, sultry sea airs of (at that time) underdog city, Valencia!

We did say a long story. Still with us? Good. So, Valencia proved the ideally located base for continuing the expansion of our outfit and garnering new custom in novel areas. The mode of existence drifted from mean business only, and swung toward more altruistic endeavours as we strove for a more meaningful and ecological tint to our offerings. The lure of the white isle was not just tangible, rumour has it as actually visible on a clear day from the top of Valencia’s Miguelete tower! We were getting closer to Ibiza and it was only a question of tiempo until the hop was finally made in 2006.

Ecological adventures at the most verde of island organisations, combined with further gambits in the digital media realm have now continued contentedly for 10 years plus. The name WebIbiza.co was registered in July 2014 as for us it seemed a fitting summary depicting what and where. So there you have it.

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