Embercombe (UK)

Mike details his time volunteering at Embercombe in the southwest of England.

I had the fortune to spend summer 2015 in the UK, escaping the roasting heatwave of Spain, seeking to expand my volunteer experience and network. Hence I was thrilled to be accepted for a 2-month placement at the splendid ecological community of Embercombe, in Devon, from July to September.

Through its programs and events, Embercombe inspires people to deepen as human beings and take courageous action to change our world. Nestled in the rolling hills on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, Embercombe is run by staff and volunteers as a social enterprise. See Embercombe.org to apply as a volunteer there, or to take part in its programs.

Have a look at some photos taken by Mike and added to the Embercombe Flikr album, “volunteers’ views”, embedded below.

Volunteers' Views

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