Andalucia: Caveland

Continuing with the winter work exchange sessions and Greenheart travel, Mike inform us here of the latest happenings in cave land of Huéscar (Andalucia).

Having spent last week limbering up at the big cave project, as detailed in the previous post, this week was spent doing a lot more inside the cave itself and giving the old machine-body a good work out in the process.

Things were moving fast, the electricity cables were going down, after further digging, and the place was looking different already, the walls plastered up and much hoofing of rocks out to the hillside. Up above, work continued with pathways being made wider, burying water pipe and carving a few rustic steps into the hillside. Some days were snowy, a bit of hail and then one day later in the week with temps close to 20C. The four seasons in one.

This cave land project of Alain is now well on the way to being an amazing off-grid and ever more self-sufficient cosy home supreme. I was very happy to be involved in things early on, as it will give me great pleasure to return for another session when its further decorated and equipped!

Meanwhile back in civilisation, we checked up on the situation with the floor and tiling options and saw a bit more of local life in Huéscar. Around the towns I was impressed by immense open spaces and the number of almond trees growing here – a true hardy survivor with the winter chill and winds. Blue agave cactus varieties survive but aloe vera’s are indoors if you can find them… Huéscar street market is an excellent place for fruit ‘n’ veggies shopping and you can get local honey at great prices. Everyone on the market was very chatty and friendly, and it was good to support local food producers.

A review from my Host

Appreciation is everything! Here is the review Alain wrote on the work exchange website. His words, not mine!

Mike was my first HelpX experience for three weeks. And I hit the Jackpot. I would call him Super Mike. He works amazing good. He didn’t complain ever, see works, get it done. Collecting Rocks, hide water and waste piping. Works in sun, snow and hail and lovely with the dogs. Making tea on a Rocket stove. Get me turned over to Veggie cooking. He makes wonderfully dishes. He has a good background on Eco living off grid, good chat, and good life experiences. If you want to use all his good services, treat him well with food and wine. He’s worth it.

Onward to Murcia

After just over three weeks at Alain’s, I departed my fine host and hounds and got an Alsa bus to the city of Murcia. Here I had “by chance” found a nice-looking hostel – certainly with the right name – La Casa Verde!

The Green-House, or La Casa Verde, of Murcia is a great hostel/bar/art space, tucked away from the sounds of traffic, overlooking the river and huertos (farms) with oranges and lemons galore, and is run by friendly folk.

They have bikes for hire (7€/day), and the location is actually just a short walk to Murcia city centre with its historic monuments and plazas. La Casa Verde hostel offers work exchange possibilities for those wanting to help and stay here. Get in touch via their website.

See the photos below for a look at cave life and further travels. More from this Greenheart traveller soon… Thanks for your support! Click the photo to see the full album from this post.

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