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May 9, 2017

Fortín de las Flores

A flikr slideshow follows as photography recap from a memorable visit to Mexico’s wonderful area Fortín de las Flores (Veracruz). Danish ex-pat and coffee guru, Bo Blindkilde, kindly hosted us and guided us around his organic coffee farm which is the producer responsible for the fan-taste-tastic Pura Vida brand.

December 4, 2016

Ibiza Photos

When we’re not crafting websites and tweaking other buttons on distinct media projects, the nature aficionados at can be spotted rambling in the great outdoors, seeking splendourous scenes to capture for subsequent viewing pleasure on dark and windy nights. We thought you might like to join the fun, so here begins our photo gallery showcases.

December 4, 2016

Sites We Build

Here are some examples of the websites we have built for a few customers.

November 19, 2016

Why the name?

Well it’s a long story, and an even longer journey, that led to the name WebIbiza, and to the isle herself. So here follows our tale how we came to be. We’ve been crafting websites since, ahhh, 1996. Our first website customer continues with us today, having stayed loyal throughout the ages (of web), showing great patience as styles and technologies – and our locations – changed. We were initially named Webroot, as Ibiza was

Danish Delight
September 9, 2016

Danish Delight

Ah yes, summer in Denmark is a remarkable thing! These photos show some of the more beautiful and strange things Mike chanced upon, mainly during explorational cycle trips in and around Copenhagen.

June 9, 2016

Ibiza 2015-2016

90 shots to sum up the best of the times during 2015 & 2016? No mean feat as there were thousands of memorable moments, and many snapped their way onto the digital drives. Nevertheless, a sifting through process led to a good few gracing the Flikr album below. Now, the times are a changin’ but fine memories do prevail and the sweet sound of laughing lovelies still echo around the isle.

November 19, 2015

G-Forest Workshops

We’re pleased to announce that members of the G-family are holding a number of hands-on workshops on select Saturdays during winter-spring 2015/2016. The location is at G-Forest, in the hills above the charming village of San Carlos, Ibiza. Workshops will focus on techniques of Forest Farming, introducing “down-to-earth” themes including indigenous plants, soil types, wood harvesting, cultivation of plants in areas with pines, composting and fire-prevention. We will discuss healthy cuisine using local products, and

October 25, 2015

Embercombe (UK)

I had the fortune to spend summer 2015 in the UK, escaping the roasting heatwave of Spain, seeking to expand my volunteer experience and network. Hence I was thrilled to be accepted for a 2-month placement at the splendid ecological community of Embercombe, in Devon, from July to September. Through its programs and events, Embercombe inspires people to deepen as human beings and take courageous action to change our world. Nestled in the rolling hills

July 16, 2015

An Aye for Scotland

Early July 2015, and a little break from the norm saw Mike head “way up north” to the pleasures of Scotland, hosted by long term pal, Hughie. In typical summer style, we were treated to temperatures approaching a heady maximum of 15ºC. (on the good days). This brief trip comprised of a start point in Aberdeenshire, oot in the countryside, then followed a road trip west-south-east, taking in some sights and finishing on the outskirts

December 18, 2014

Kenya – Mariano’s Report

Jambo folks! Reporting in this post is Mariano with details of our progress in Maasailand. English translation is below. Al llegar a Maasailand hemos recordado nos ha llevado “al pasado”. La población de Kimuka nos recuerdan, nos sonrien y participan del proyecto. Nos alegro ver los resultados de los trabajos anteriormente realizados por GH junto con Jambo. En la casa y HQ de Jambo la permaculutura puesta en práctica en 2011 ahora nos da resultados

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